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"Great Product, even better customer service Firstly, the product itself is just first class. But the main and most appealing aspect with this brand was the customer service I received. I was mostly in touch with Becky B. She was wonderful and…"

by AK

“I have been using Shavekit razors and blades for the last couple of years and can absolutely swear by them for ease of use and efficiency in delivering a close smooth shave. And now they have introduced the cork handled razor to be ecologically and environmentally correct -- well done! I recommend their products to anyone and everyone who shaves!”

by William R.

Tired of dull blades, nicks and cuts?

Trips to the shops?

Overpriced or over designed products?

We believe life's too short, so we created a better way...

Shavekit Razor

Good Shaving Sorted.

High quality blades

Delivered to your door

For a fair price

Order your Trial Kit for £5.00 today (RRP £8.99) and receive 10% off on your next order


What's Included In Your Trial Pack?

Your trial kit contains everything you need for a great shave and introduction to Shavekit.

  • Shavekit cork handle
  • SK-6 blade razor cartridge
  • Shave and Post Shave Cream samples
Shavekit Trial Pack

Earn 10% credit when you order your £5.00 trial kit today

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Try it - just replaced my razor with these

“To be honest ordered these in a whim and so glad - they give closest shave and can't recommend them enough - replacements drop through post and just ordered another handle and customer service sent one out free of charge. Really impressed.” by Phil from Cumbria

Earn 10% credit when you order your trial kit today

Your Shavekit regulars box membership will start at the end of the trial period.

  • You'll get 8 fresh Shavekit refills and whatever else YOU have chosen.
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  • Frequency is in your hands too, every 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks. Whatever suits.
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You’re in control of what’s in the box, how often it arrives and how much you pay.

100% flexible.

Easily manage when your box is delivered and what's in it from the members area.

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We send a reminder email 3 days before the end of your trial.

The brand you can trust.

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How Much Do Our Blades Cost?


8-pack of SK-6 blades just £19

(For comparison, an 8 pack of Fusion 5 blades is £24 at Tesco)

Good Shaving Sorted.

Try Our Top-Of-The-Line SK-6 Razor

Eco-Friendly Cork Handle, 6 German Steel Blades

SK-6 Razor

Get Your Trial Kit for £5.00 (RRP £8.99) today and save 10% on your next order

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We’re confident you’ll love our shaving gear. However, if you’re not happy with the trial kit for any reason, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll refund your trial kit and you can keep the handle and blade as our gift.

1st Class Shipping

100% Money Back Guarantee

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We're Serious About The Safety Of Your Personal Information And Payment Details. Our Goal Is To Be Totally Transparent And Ensure Our Members Feel Safe And Secure Buying From Us.

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Your payment details are never stored by us, they are tokenised and encrypted and held securely with our payment provider, Stripe.

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Our memberships are simple, monthly, bi-monthly, tri-monthly or whenever suits you. We'll only charge you on the dates you choose and you can pause, modify or stop anytime.

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We respond to (nearly) every email and chat request the same day.
The majority of customer emails are responded to within a couple of hours!

What Real Customers Have To Say About Us...

“I've used these razors for several years now. One razor head lasts a looooong time. Which makes them even better value for money. And it continues to give a really close shave. I am the only man our family of four and we all use these. So they're good for women too. The only teeny problem was that the handle got clogged with soap after a year or two. But I worked out that you can carefully pop off the bit of plastic which moves up and down to grab the blade when you're replacing it, and simply wash out all the soap underneath and it's good as new again. So the only teeny problem isn't a problem at all. 5 stars then.”

by Max W.

"Company with a ♥️. An excellent company with great customer service and quality products.
They have also done their part for the community during these awful times, by sending out care packages for the vulnerable and needy….keep up the good work and the wonderful service guys.”

by PJ

"I've been using normal disposable razors most my life (I've tried some women's marketed razors before, but didn't think much of them), but I was offered a cheap trial of the ShaveKit last year and thought I'd try it out as a “meh, why not, it's practically free”. I didn't expect it to be so incredible, my skin feels SO smooth, no razor bumps either. I can't go back to disposable ever again. This is IT. Highly recommend.”

by Melissa Larsson

“Fantastic gear! I have been a “wet shaver” for over 50 years. I found Shavekit several years ago, and since then have consistently used its products.
Nothing I have used in the past compares with the value that Shavekit offers. The blades are sharp, and remain usable for many days. The handle, especially the new cork one, is very simple to use. I cannot speak too highly about the products I have used from this company.”

by Edward Chester

Never Run Out Of Blades Again

Shavekit is the most convenient way to get a close, butter-smooth shave.

Order Your Trial Kit for £5.00 (RRP £8.99) today and save 10% on your next order

1st Class Shipping

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Cork Razor

Why Cork

Cork is harvested. The Tree lives on. Cork trees are not cut down. Cork is easily recyclable. Roughly 94% of plastics are not recycled. 100% of recycled cork is used. Much less waste or toxic plastic byproducts.
Cork is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials we could use.
It's also highly grippable, feels good to the touch and reacts well to long term water exposure or even being submerged in water.

Harvested cork trees absorb up to 5 times more CO2 than non harvested trees.
Harvesting the cork from cork trees results in more CO2 being absorbed as the cork regenerates.

Our cork handles are simply cut from cork bark. That's it. Manufacturing plastic handles involves higher energy consumption and many, many toxic residues and by products.
"Waste cork bark" is up cycled and used into 1,000s of cork products. With 100% raw material usage, cork produces far less waste than plastic. - Less than 6.5% (in a US study) of plastic is recycled. - Cork is biodegradable and natural.

Our Values.

Cruelty Free.

We continue to commit to never testing any of our products on animals.

Eco Handle Kit.

Our latest design is environmentally conscious using sustainably sourced cork.

Harvested from completely renewable cork bark.

Community Minded.

Alongside ensuring we continued to supply our customers with their shave kit, we also did charitable giveaways throughout the pandemic.