Shavekit is the quality shave brand with a conscience that provides everything you need to sharpen up your grooming ritual.

Trial Kit

Your trial kit contains everything you need for a great shave and introduction to Shavekit.

  • Shavekit cork handle.
  • SK-5 5 blade razor cartridge.
  • Shave and post shave cream samples.

The shavekit

The trial kit is sent 1st class, arrives in 1-2 days.


The trial is 16 days. Longer, if you extend.

We send a reminder email 3 days before the end of your trial.

At the end of the trial period, we will send your first Shavekit box.


Access your members area to extend or cancel at anytime.
Manage how often you need Shavekit delivered and what’s in the box.


Claim Your £5.00 Trial Kit

Why Cork

Cork is harvested. The Tree lives on. Cork trees are not cut down. Cork is easily recyclable. Roughly 94% of plastics are not recycled. 100% of recycled cork is used. Much less waste or toxic plastic byproducts.

Cork is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials we could use. It's also highly grippable, feels good to the touch and reacts well to long term water exposure or even being submerged in water .

Harvested cork trees absorb up to 5 times more CO2 than non harvested trees. Harvesting the cork from cork trees results in more CO2 being absorbed as the cork regenerates.

Our cork handles are simply cut from cork bark. That's it. Manufacturing plastic handles involves higher energy consumption and many, many toxic residues and by products. "Waste cork bark" is up cycled and used into 1,000s of cork products. With 100% raw material usage, cork produces far less waste than plastic. - Less than 6.5% (in a US study) of plastic is recycled. - Cork is biodegradeable and natural.

Why Shavekit


We continue to commit to never testing any of our products on animals.


Our latest design is environmentally conscious using sustainably sourced cork. Harvested from completely renewable cork bark.


Alongside ensuring we continued to supply our customers with their shave kit, we also did charitable giveaways throughout the pandemic.