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You're in control
Flexible Frequency

Try a better way to shave for just £3 for the 5 blade razor or just £1 for the 3 blade razor.
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Customer reviews

I received my Shavekit from WOW! superior blades to anything Gilette Does, at a fraction of the price!! REGISTER NOW!

Dave Southwood

@shavekithq Am very happy with the shave I get from your kit. Am on the second week, second blade now. It's all good!

Doug Strider

Just tried out @shavekithq for the first time. Such a good shave and a really great idea

Michael Shneerson


How does this offer work and what do I get?

In your first delivery you will receive a handle and 1 replacement head. If you decide to continue with your Shavekit membership, 10 days after we ship you this you will receive your first delivery of 4 replacement blade cartridges. You can login to manage your account and change your delivery frequency from the default monthly to bi-monthly or tri-monthly at any time.

How does Shavekit work?

You choose a razor, either a 3 or 5 blade version. Then instead of paying for expensive brand name refills, we send you our ultra high quality ShaveKit refill blades every month or every second or third month. No contracts or commitments, pause anytime.

What's so good about your razors?

We've worked with our manufacturers to create razors that perform better than brand name razors. We deliver a better shave, for less.